The Great Adsby





The Great Adsby




Illustration for Motion, Creative Direction, Storyboarding


The Great Adsby

After the theme for the 2020 AAF Awards event was decided - The Great Adsby - David Probst and I thought we could make an epic intro video to be shown at the awards ceremony to kick it off. We pitched our idea to the AAF Board, and they agreed right away. David and I met to create Adobe Illustratorgame plan, storyboarded the video, and then I set off making a bunch of still illustrations that David could manipulate in after effects.

We wanted to great a Great Gatsby inspired video that focused on Colorado Springs and the ceremony. We threw in as many easter eggs as we could (see if you can spot them all!). We had a great time collaborating on this project and were both really happy with the final product.

This video was created with the extremely talented David Probst, a freelance motion designer in Colorado Springs. While we planned, storyboarded, and discussed the creative direction of the video together, David did most of the heavy lifting - he created some illustrations for the video as well as all of the motion, sound, script writing, and editing.

The Great Adsby Video

Setting the mood for a ritzy evening

The Great Adsby intro video - shown at the 2020 AAF Awards in Colorado Springs

Storyboarding and Finding the Visual Tone

Art Deco for the win!

We thought the journey of a mysterious character to the awards show in the 1920s would make a great intro story for a group of creatives who just made a journey to their own awards show.

We initially went down a different path. We thought a moody, film noir vibe would make an intriguing opening - heavy shadows, lots of grayscale. Like Batman: The Animated Series, but if Bruce Wayne was a copywriter. You can see the initial shot we worked on with this mysterious copywriter working at his desk.

We unfortunately thought animating this style was not going to be possible in the time we had, so we cut some of the first scenes of the video and set to start with a brighter, more fun tone from the beginning of the video. The storyboards shown are the revised storyline that we ultamtely created and animated.


The video was a big hit at the awards show. Everyone loved it so much, they played it three times - which was probably helpful since there is a lot of visual info to take in when viewing it live in an auditorium.

And to top it all off, David and I entered the video in the AAF Awards the following year and won both a Gold Addy for it and a Judge's Choice award!


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