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I'm Andrew, a Graphic Designer living in Colorado Springs, CO.

Although well-versed in numerous facets of design, I primarily focus on branding. But you'll often find me designing packaging, illustrating event posters, creating motion videos, building websites, and providing art direction and business advice.

When it comes to branding, I create a clean, colorful, and distinct brand presence to help my clients create a killer first impression that's memorable and creates trust. I’m passionate about creating that critical match between their quality offerings and their outward appearance.

My overarching philosophy: you shouldn't judge a book by its cover, but people have eyes and therefore they do - let's use that to our advantage.

Although originally from the east coast, at some point I hitched my wagon up and headed out west to the beckoning nature of Colorado. I never get tired of seeing Pike's Peak staring me in the face everywhere I turn. But I still miss the east coast! There's no pizza like east coast pizza...

When i'm not designing I enjoy spending time with my kids, playing in a beach volleyball league, and enjoying a glass of bourbon with my local whiskey club.


The days of the simple mom-and-pop store down the road with a nondescript sign that says "Grocery" are over. Customers are aware of every single option they have to buy a supply or service, so standing out is imperative. Will a fancy logo do that for you? Unlikely. Chances are you need a brand, which goes well beyond what a logo can do. It communicates everything about you; your beliefs, your intent, your vibe, your essence. It does this through colors, typography, brand voice, communication standards, photography, layout standards, etc. I offer basic branding packages all the way up to the kitchen sink package.
Design Week
"How much for a logo?" is a common question. Unfortunately, 99% of the time a logo alone is not what you need. You need at least some basic branding that includes a logo as one piece of the puzzle. However, in rare instances just a logo makes sense - perhaps this is a side-service that needs a logo to complement the branding you already have. In those cases, working on just a logo makes sense.
Logo Gallery
I focus on whiskey bottle and beer can design, but can craft a variety of packaging solutions to fit your needs and help your product stand out on the shelves. From soft and elegant to bright and in your face, I create packaging that gets the right message across at a glance.
World Peace Death Ray
From magazine covers to whiskey bottles - and everything in-between, I offer illustration that can communicate a variety of emotions and feelings. Illustration allows me to create a more in-depth world that tells a specific story - the story you hope to communicate to your customers.
Colorado Fun Magazine Cover
Brand Collateral
When you first think of branding, you may focus on a logo, colors, and typography. But there is a vast array of branded collateral that you may need - from business cards to letterheads, from t-shirts you can sell to door hangers you can leave behind. I can take your existing branding (whether designed by me or someone else), and expand it for all of the relevant items you need to tell your brand's story. I've done a fair amount of work for festivals and events that need not only basic branding, but extras like wristbands, tickets, event maps, signage, posters, and invitations.
SoCo Still Fest
Motion Design
As the world gets more and more visual, and switches from still images to videos as the primary visual communication method, motion design videos may be exactly what you need to stand out. I offer motion design that can visually explain your business or a facet of it, and can go well beyond what a still image or static logo can communicate.
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You need designs. I've got designs. Let's make this happen.

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