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Cranial Kids

I’m glad I got to work on the logo and branding for Cranial Kids. As a father myself having to face medical procedures for both of my kids when they were young, I understand the fear and worry that parents face in such situations.

Cranial Kids provides young kids with shaping helmets to help ensure their skulls form in the correct shape. Once a pediatrician talks with parents and lets them know they will need to obtain one of these helmets, it can be a very worrisome time for the parents.

A lot of businesses that provide these helmets are large medical corporations, and their brands reflect that; they are sterile and unwelcoming. 

Kristen Thessing aims to provide not just the medical device needed for these kids, but also comfort and reassurance for the parents.  We wanted the logo and branding to reflect this - something warm, inviting, soft, and approachable - fun almost. Anything to help a family deal with a frightening situation.


Developing the graphics

In developing the logo, I wanted to show a simplified, happy child wearing the helmet that Kristen makes. Knowing that your child has to wear this helmet for a certain amount of time is scary, and I wanted to depict it in a happy way that eases parents’ nerves.  Seeing a happy child with the helmet reminds parents that their kids will be laughing and playing in their little helmets soon enough.

The real breakthrough came when I was able to make the CK monogram graphic. Once I figured out that the K resembled a kids (and added a dot for the kids’s head), the C was able to overlap and sort of form a big helmet, which fit perfectly with the brand.

Typography + Colors

Brand DNA

The colors were tricky for this brand. Cranial Kids is sharing an office with another medical business, and the interior decorator had colors picked out for the entire building. I was able to use these initial colors, but add in the three pink hues to bring some warmth and femininity to the color palette that was missing. The result is a color palette that is not too feminine and not too masculine, which appeals to parents of both genders. 

The main font chosen, Elega Rounded, is - as you might guess - quite round. This was chosen to offer a friendly and soft appearance that promotes a comfortable environment for stressed parents. I did not love all of the letters in this stick font, so the C and K in Cranial Kids were custom made. The subheading font Bookman Sans offers a more sturdy font, but still has some rounded corners to not be too harsh. 

Setting a business apart

The main take-away from this brand is that it is both approachable and professional - which is the perfect mix of feelings a parent should feel when they see it, and which sets it apart from the overly sterile competitors. It’s great seeing Kristen use the branding in her office - even adding wall murals with the logo as was designed in the presented mockups!


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