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This project was a little bit of a brand refresh.  When Michael Manfredonia came to me for a label design for his first whiskey release, he already had a simple logo and rough version of the bottle label another designer had made.  However I wasn’t seeing the connection between the logo and his brand. I pitched Michael on a total logo redesign as well as starting the label from scratch, and he agreed.

The goal was to create a brand that felt subtly Colorado, but was not too over the top. We also wanted to explore the mining aspect of the company name.

I ended up creating a logo that accomplishes both in a simple mark that can easily be applied across the brand. I paired it with some topographic and rock textures, and an outdoorsy deep orange and green color palette.

Label Design and Launch Party Graphics

There's Nothing Like Release Day

After designing the brand, I got to work on the first bottle label, which is a Rye Malt Whiskey.  I was able to inject the brand developed into the label to give it a rugged character that fits well for a Colorado distillery.

I was also able to work on some graphics and collateral for the launch party in Longmont, Colorado. And best of all, I was able to attend the party and celebrate with Michael.  Michael did an excellent job using the branding created to make signs, banners, and even a pop-up tent.  It was incredible to see the brand come to life and to hold the bottles in person.

Typography + Colors

Brand DNA

The brand typography was a great collaboration with Michael.  He had a vision in mind for the main brand font, and I was able to supplement that with a sturdy subheading font called Rift.

The colors chosen were also aiming for Michael’s vision of a green and orange brand. I ultimately got that color combo to work well by making the orange a bit rustier, and adding in some green variations to provide the brand some depth.

The Mining Continues

It’s exciting helping a business start from basically the beginning, and to help craft their presence in the market and give them a real identity they can use for many years to come. I’m looking forward to future bottle releases from Dark Iron and am excited to be a part of the visual direction for the company.


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