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Design Week


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Design Week

AIGA is a visual communications club that puts on events throughout the year focused on design.

The AIGA Board approached me to do the branding for Design Week; a week of design-related events across a spectrum of disciplines focused on community and education.

The concept I developed involved the use of the traditional 3D glasses colors - a light blue, a soft red, and and the dark blue you get when you overlap them - to encourage people to get out from behind their desks and meet up with their fellow designers in 3D (real life!).

As part of the branding for the event, I developed the logo, wordmark, typography, colors, badges, flyer, poster, Illustrations, social icons, wayfinding signs, social media posts, tickets, schedule, and tour map.

Design of All Types

Make it Inclusive

One aspect of the branding that AIGA wanted to include was the fact that Design Week is not geared specifically to graphic design, but rather design of all types. They wanted to make sure that interior design, architecture, photography, and other disciplines were highlighted as well.

This was achieved through frequent use of supplemental icons and illustrations that showed a focus on many disciplines, and prompted anyone interested in design to attend the events. The events themselves were geared towards this wide spectrum of fields, so there was something for everyone to enjoy! The risograph printing workshop I was able to attend was especially interesting and informative.


Brand DNA

The colors used were meant to invoke 3-D glasses - after a global pandemic, and the fact that designers often spend a lot of time working by themselves in a creative tunnel, I wanted to inspire the community to meet up in 3D, not just virtually. The main type chosen was used because it is quite geometric and is made out of numerous small building blocks; I thought this represented the Colorado Springs community well and allowed a lot of playfulness within the design theme.

An Event that Stood out

After incredible event planning by the AIGA board and numerous helpers, Design Week was a great success. The events were well received and informative, and the conversation happening at the events was inspiring. Everyone was excited to be a part of this design community, and I'm proud that I was able to play a significant part in creating this event. Beyond my contribution, I'm very glad I was able to attend nearly all of the events and experience Design Week first-hand. Looking forward to next year!


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