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Pit Boss Vegas BBQ

There are moments in life where things just align. One of those was when I realized that a Vegas casino pit boss would make an incredible BBQ brand (after all, those BBQ chefs are definitely the boss of their pits). 

The brand created is a play on casino red and blue colors, mixed with a healthy smattering of BBQ flavor.  The result is a restaurant concept that is entirely Vegas.

Feeling Lucky?

Bringing a brand to life

The intersection of gambling and smoked meats is more robust than you would think. I was able to draw a lot of connections between the two, which are hi lighted in the ads made for the brand.

It’s also every graphic designer’s dream to develop a deck of cars, and I was at least able to create the card back used in the branding for Pit Boss.

Typography + Colors

Brand NDA

The colors for the brand come from the traditional red and blue casino chips, along with a nice gold to represent..well..gold! Who doesn’t want to hit it big on a Vegas trip?

The fonts chosen bring a western vibe with a bit fat slab serif - perfect for Nevada. Concrete provides a strong and intriguing supplemental font with enough angles to give the brand some edge. Citizen Slab continues the slight western vibe but in a much thinner package.

Time to cash out

Count yourself lucky that you got to spend a few precious minutes with the Pit Boss. He knows his meats, and he’s ready to gamble that you’ll be blown away with his award-winning BBQ. 


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