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SoCo Still Fest


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SoCo Still Fest

I was given free rein to develop branding for the SoCo Still Fest taking place in Colorado Springs. This was a new annual festival starting up that would feature distilleries from both Colorado and surrounding states, all coming together to share some samples and provide an entertaining afternoon for event goers. It was great to make a fun and distinctive brand that sets this festival apart from others.


Use your branding!

Matt Hondorf and the team putting the fest together did an amazing job using the brand assets I made to promote the festival in the months leading up to it. It's always great to see the assets you create used across the board, even for use cases i didn't think of! Clients who see their brand assets as tools to build with have what it takes to be successful.


Brand DNA

The colors chosen are bright and vibrant - perfect for grabbing the attention of potential festival goers as this event was in its first year and needed to make a splash to garner attention. The bright and bold colors also reflect a summer event that is built around strong spirits. The typography chosen furthers those big bold flavors with thick sans serifs that you can't miss.

Until Next Year!

I was able to attend the first year of the festival, and had an amazing time. I was not only a festival goer, but had my own booth there! I was able to sell some Impossibly Awesome merch and connect with a bunch of people, which was incredible. I also had a chance to sample some of the whiskey (and admire their branding at the same time). It was incredible to see the expansive use of the branding, from signs to glassware to lanyards. I'm definitely looking to attend again in future years!


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