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Topophilia Brewing Co.

Topophilia means “love of place.” It’s about enjoying the present, and being happy with where you are in life. There are times in your life where you feel a connection to the ground underneath you, and you radiate with appreciation. That’s topophilia. 

It also makes a great name for a brewery. Topophilia Brewing Co. aims to remind you of that appreciation for where you are, and to celebrate it with those close to you.

I developed the logo, branding, and a can design for this fictional brewery based in none other than the city of brotherly love - Philadelphia.

Can Design

Here & Now Pale Ale

In addition to the logo and branding, I also developed an initial can design for their Here & Now Pale Ale. The name of the beer speaks to to focusing on the present; figure out where you are and appreciate everything about it.  The design leaves room for further beers in the series all sharing a common design for maximum brand recognition. 

Typography + Colors

Brand DNA

The chosen typography uses Shackleton, a modern twist on a roman serif.  Given that topophilia has its roots in Ancient Greek, it felt apropos to subtly tie the font back to that time period.  Magnesium MVB provides a solid sans-serif with some visual intrigue in the weight of some of its stems.  Acumin Variable Concept can be used sparingly and complements the other two with its thinner width.

The colors chosen were meant to play on the American red, white, and blue, but with a softer hue on each.  This felt right given the history of Philadelphia in the founding of the country, but different enough that it stands on its own without coming too close to the American flag palette.

Love of Place

Overall, the Topophilia Brewing Co. brand presents an intriguing and well-defined brewery oozing a point of view that they hope is contagious for their customers. Everyone could learn to see the positives in where they are, and I’ll always raise a beer to that thought. Cheers!


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