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Upright Citizen Coffee

What does it mean to be an upright citizen? Most would say it’s a person who does their civic duty, someone who helps those in need and can be counted on.

Or, it’s someone who is still walking around this crazy world and isn’t yet pushing daisies.

I decided to have some fun with this play on words and thought it would make a great coffee brand. One showing the subtle dichotomy between life and death. After all, coffee is life to many.

Bag of Bones

Coffee Packaging

I wanted to take the upright citizen theme further, so I decided to name the initial coffee bean release “Jury Duty”.  I mean, we’re all looking forward to performing our civic duty in the courtroom, right?

Subsequent releases would continue this theme. Perhaps “Community Service” and “Death & Taxes” are next in line.

Typography + Colors

Brand DNA

Isn’t it time we brought some pink to the metal world? I thought the pairing of a blackletter font you might see on a metal band t-shirt would be a fun juxtaposition with a soft pink color palette. 

I paired that blackletter font with a sturdy sans-serif, and provided an additional taller sans-serif to accent type as needed. 

And what’s a cup of mud without a dark black thrown into the color palette too!

Just Tryin’ to Stay an Upright Citizen

This branding project allowed me to play with themes a lot, which I really enjoyed. There are a lot of contradictions in this brand that play off each other well, and I think that’s a great way for a brand to stand out and make a name for itself.


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